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Call Now for Same-Day Service!
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Complete Well Pump Sales and Repair Service

We design, install and service water well pumps, holding tanks, booster pumps, pressure, water filtration and water purification systems for residential, agricultural and commercial applications. Prompt, reliable service is our top priority because customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Holding Tank Systems

Do you have water storage needs? Whether they are for household, landscape or agricultural purposes we can design and install a system to meet your requirements. We handle both poly and concrete tanks in all sizes.

Water Filtration

Do you have sand, sediment or grit? What about hard water spots, scaling, orange or blue staining? Does your water have an odor, taste, or is it discolored? We can help. Through water softeners, neutralizers, carbon, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet, ozone, cartridge and backwashing filtration equipment, we can eradicate these problems. We can also address and eliminate contaminating bacteria.

System Inspections

We inspect water well pump, holding tank, booster pump, pressure, water filtration, and water purification equipment to assess problems including leaks, low water pressure, unusually high power bills, system upgrades and code violations.

Chlorination and Disinfection

Maintaining a clean, potable water source is important, and we can help you do this through chlorination and water purification.

Free Estimates

We're happy to provide free estimates for complete water well pump, holding tank, booster pump, pressure, water filtration and water purification systems as well as estimates for equipment repair and/or upgrade.

Factory Trained

Being trained by factory technicians gives us the knowledge and ability to provide excellent system design and installation in addition to accurate problem diagnosis and repair service. It also gives our customers peace of mind knowing they're getting excellent quality for their money.

Well Production Testing

Selling or buying property? Applying for a building permit? Curious about the amount of water your well or pump produces? We can perform tests to answer any and all these questions.

Water Testing

Concerned about what's in your water? Need to test for the sale or purchase of property? We test for potability to see if your water meets state and federal standards for safe drinking regarding coliform and E. coli bacteria. We also test for simple quality, taste, odor, appearance (see Water Filtration above). If there's something you need tested that's not listed we'll work hard to find a lab that can do it! Once we know what you have in your water we can help eliminate it.

Certifications and Reports

Written reports are provided in concert with our well production and water testing services and we're happy to provide estimates for any code violations, repairs or recommended improvements listed on the reports.

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